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My name is Soul Eater. I was the one seen pushing people into their lockers, stealing their phones, iPods. I learned that it was the right thing. My parents never gave a flying flip about me. They never cared for me. They favoured my brother, Wes. I never got anything for birthdays or Christmas. One day I saw a boy with the latest iPhone and flouncing it around like it was a million death dollars. I felt so... Jealous. So when the group that surrounded him left I took him by his collar. I yelled in his face, took his flipping iPhone and walked away. I heard him burst into tears and run away but I didn't care. I didn't see him again but like I said, I didn't care.

I kept the iPhone. I still have it now. And I started to steal more and more things. Well, I wouldn't call it 'stealing' seeing as they practically gave them to me. A boy named Black*Star became my friend. My best friend. He was an idiot sometimes. Make that most of the time. He usually held the wimpy kids up by their hands, arms or collars while I would loot their pockets and bags. We would scare them into not ratting on us. Not only would they be punished but their friends and families too. Not that we knew their families. But they didn't know that.

My parents didn't notice my 'stolen' gear. Not like I had to try.

If you think I have a great life.. I don't. I may have had many girlfriends but I haven't kissed anyone although everyone thinks I've kissed half the girls in the school. I haven't loved anyone. No one ever truly loved me. I didn't care. Just like no one cared about me…

And so I would cut myself.
It would make me feel relief.
Made my stress just flow out of my body along with my blood.
But I'm not going to tell anyone.
Not like I had anyone to tell.

Black*Star doesn't even know. If I told him he would think I was Emo or something. Even though everyone knows that not all Emos cut. I guess I'm just depressed.


I walked into school, girls giving me glances then when I looked back they giggled and whispered; "I think he likes me" To their friends. As if I'd ever like those whores. They probably lost their virginity at the age of 13.

I was listening to music on the iPod I got from some girl if I gave her a kiss. Although when she closed her eyes I ran away. I wouldn't kiss those lips. Who knows where they've been.

Then I saw her. She stood out from all the other girls but in a good way. She wore her ash-blonde hair in pig tails; her skin looked nice and smooth. She was putting her belongings in her locker but she didn't pull out her phone.. Or her iPod.. What kind of person doesn't have a phone?!

I realised I was staring at her. Crap.

I walked over to her, as casually as I could. She didn't even look up.

"Oi, Pigtails." I said. No answer.
"Hey, I'm talking to you." I also said, a little louder.

She groaned and looked up. Her eyes were emerald green and I swore I saw them sparkle like real emeralds. "What do you want?" She said.

"I- uh.. I haven't seen you around the school before. You new or something?" I said, putting my hands in my pockets.
"No. I just spend most of my time in the library. That's all. Is that all you wanted to know or do you need help with homework?"
I smirked. "Like I would ever do my homework. And no, that's not all. What's your name?"
"The name's Maka. Maka Albarn."
"My name's Soul Eater. But call me Soul."
"Unusual name. I like it".

I smirked. "I guess I'll see you around.."
"I guess…" She said as she collected her things, slammed her locker shut and walked away. I watched her get sucked into the crowd. I felt someone put their hands on my shoulder with great force.

"Yo, Soul! I've been calling to you, what were you doing talking to that nerd?" Black*Star yelled in my ear.
"Nothing… I was j-just… Getting her phone off her" I lied. "Worthless though, she must be poor."
Black*Star was so dumb, he couldn't see through my lie.
"Well, ok, Soul." Black*Star said. "Let's get to class. Might as well."
As we walked away I still couldn't help but think of the girl with those beautiful emerald eyes. Hopefully I would get the privilege to see her again…

I didn't even care that she had Tiny-Tits.

:iconsouleaterlaplz: :iconmakalaplz:
You like? This will be going on as well as my other fanfic; 'SoMa - TMIOM' and maybe a few other one-shots on the side.
Wondering why it's called Matching Scars? You'll find out soon enough >:3. There might be a little gore in future parts.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! Please Comment. I will always reply. I love hearing feedback!

Any spelling mistakes, any grammar issues or something that makes no sense then comment and I'll sort it out :meow:


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